X Tests $1 Annual Subscription to Curb Spam and Bot Activity.

X, previously known as Twitter, has taken a significant step in its ongoing battle against spam, manipulation, and bot activity. Recent reports indicate that the social media platform is currently testing a novel subscription method named “Not A Bot” for new users in New Zealand and the Philippines. The new approach aims to reduce the prevalence of automated accounts and other forms of online manipulation on the platform.

The “Not A Bot” subscription method, priced at just $1 per year, is designed to offer new users an enhanced experience while simultaneously curbing spam and manipulative behavior. Users who opt to forego this subscription will have their platform interactions limited to “read-only” actions. This includes activities such as reading posts, watching videos, and following accounts.

On the other hand, subscribers will enjoy access to key platform functions, allowing them to tweet, reply, retweet, and like posts. By introducing this low-cost subscription, X is seeking to create a distinct user experience that prioritizes authenticity and active engagement while minimizing automated and suspicious activities.

This initiative aligns with X’s broader strategy to combat bots and spammers that have been a persistent challenge on the platform. By offering a subscription method that encourages genuine user engagement, X hopes to create a more welcoming and trustworthy online environment.

However, the success of this new subscription model in effectively reducing spam and bot activity remains to be seen, as it is currently in the testing phase in New Zealand and the Philippines.

At present, “Not A Bot” is exclusively being tested in these two countries, and it remains uncertain whether X intends to roll out this subscription method on a global scale. The platform will likely assess the effectiveness of the initiative based on user feedback and the impact it has on platform behavior.






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