Woman Charged with Double Murder of Elderly Couple in Chelmsford.

35-Year-Old Virginia McCullough to Appear in Court as Investigation Continues
In a deeply unsettling turn of events, a 35-year-old woman, identified as Virginia McCullough from Pump Hill, Chelmsford, has been charged with two counts of murder in Essex. The charges stem from a concerning incident that unfolded after the police received reports expressing concerns for the welfare of an elderly couple, both in their 70s, on Wednesday.
Authorities swung into action after receiving these reports, launching an investigation into the well-being of the elderly couple. Essex Police have since stated that it is their “strong belief, based on all the evidence available, that the two people in question are no longer alive.” This shocking revelation has sent shockwaves through the community.

Virginia McCullough is scheduled to appear at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Monday, September 18, 2023, where she will face charges related to the alleged double murder. The investigation remains ongoing, with the police committed to pursuing all avenues of inquiry to piece together the circumstances surrounding this distressing incident. As of now, the details surrounding the motive and events leading up to the tragic incident are yet to be revealed.
This is an evolving story, and authorities are working diligently to uncover the truth. We will continue to monitor this case closely and provide updates as more information becomes available.






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