Washington Fisherman Makes Waves with Record-Breaking 21-Pound Mahi Mahi Catch.

Wade La Fontaine’s Epic Expedition Rewrites State Record Books.

In an exhilarating triumph for the world of sport fishing, Washington native Wade La Fontaine has etched his name in the record books by reeling in a colossal 21-pound mahi mahi during a two-day tuna expedition. This remarkable catch, made nearly 42 miles off the coast of Washington on August 25, 2023, has not only set a new state record but has also become a testament to the thrill and excitement of angling adventures.

Wade La Fontaine’s remarkable journey began on a sunny day in late August when he embarked on a fishing expedition with the hopes of landing a remarkable catch. Little did he know that this particular outing would lead to a record-breaking achievement that would make waves in the fishing community.

The mahi mahi, known for its vibrant colors and exceptional taste, is not commonly associated with Washington’s waters. Yet, on that fateful day, La Fontaine’s perseverance and angling prowess paid off as he reeled in a magnificent specimen of this exotic fish.

The 21-pound mahi mahi, with its dazzling shades of green and yellow, dwarfed all expectations, setting a new state record for this species in Washington. The catch was met with astonishment and awe, not only for its sheer size but also for the rarity of the find in the region’s waters.

La Fontaine, an experienced fisherman, shared his excitement over the remarkable catch. “I’ve been fishing for a long time, and this was something I’d never expected to happen,” he said. “I prayed for that moment, and it came true.”

The news of La Fontaine’s extraordinary feat quickly spread through the fishing community, garnering attention from enthusiasts and experts alike. Photos of the massive mahi mahi have captivated audiences worldwide, showcasing the beauty of the ocean’s treasures and the thrill of the chase.

While this achievement is undeniably exhilarating, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and sustainable fishing practices. Anglers like La Fontaine are crucial stewards of our marine ecosystems, and it is imperative to respect the environment and adhere to local fishing regulations.

As the story of Wade La Fontaine’s record-breaking catch continues to make headlines, it underscores the timeless allure of fishing and the excitement of unexpected encounters with the wonders of the deep. The waters off the coast of Washington have once again proven to be a realm of endless possibilities and thrilling discoveries.






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