Vape Brand Crystal Bar Deletes TikTok Account Amid Age Verification Scandal.

Crystal Bar, a prominent vape brand, faces backlash and public outrage for distributing free products to minors through a TikTok giveaway, prompting a swift social media account shutdown.

Global vape giant Crystal Bar, known for its line of disposable vape products, has found itself at the center of controversy after distributing free samples to TikTok users without verifying their age. The company, owned by the partly state-owned Chinese firm SKE, holds the distinction of being the second-largest vape seller in the UK. This turn of events has raised concerns about age verification and ethical practices within the vaping industry.

The turmoil commenced when Crystal Bar initiated a social media campaign to promote their new collection of vapes, which boasts an array of flavors and colors. The campaign invited TikTok users to follow the brand’s account and comment on their posts for a chance to win complimentary vape samples. Alarmingly, the company failed to request any form of age verification or identification, directly contradicting UK law that forbids the sale of nicotine products to individuals under 18.

A contentious twist emerged when reporters from respected outlets, including BBC News, participated in the giveaway, only to receive free vape products in the mail without being prompted to verify their age or provide consent. The fact that some recipients were underage or non-smokers has ignited conversations about potential health hazards and the ethical ramifications of such an endeavor.

Following the revelations and a subsequent inquiry by the BBC, Crystal Bar promptly deleted its TikTok account, which boasted a substantial following of over 10,000 users. The brand took similar actions on its Instagram and Facebook profiles, which featured analogous giveaway campaigns. Despite these measures, Crystal Bar’s website remains operational, allowing online sales of their vape products.

SKE, the parent company of Crystal Bar, occupies a significant position within the international vape market, conducting operations across China, Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. With a claim of selling over 100 million vapes worldwide since 2018 and boasting a 10% market share in the UK, SKE’s influence is undeniable. Yet, amidst the uproar, the company has abstained from offering any public commentary on the TikTok debacle.

This controversy underscores the importance of responsible marketing, age verification protocols, and ethical considerations within the vaping industry. As the incident reverberates, discussions around tighter regulations and heightened accountability within the sector gain momentum.







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