Understanding the Indian Visa Process for Pakistani Citizens: What You Need to Know.

Insight into the Application Process, Exceptions, and Visa Types for Pakistani Travelers.

For Pakistani citizens wishing to visit India, understanding the visa application process is essential. The High Commission of India has a streamlined procedure in place, although there are specific requirements and exceptions that travelers need to be aware of.

Pakistani passport holders seeking entry into India are required to apply for a visa. The process involves obtaining mandatory documents from India, completing the online visa application form, and submitting it along with the necessary paperwork, passport, and fee at designated drop box locations in Pakistan. The applications are scrutinized and sent for clearance to the Foreigner Division, Ministry of Home Affairs in New Delhi. The processing time varies, ranging from 15 to 90 days, contingent upon the requirement of prior clearance and the time taken to receive it from the Ministry of Home Affairs in India.

It’s crucial to note that Pakistani citizens cannot obtain a tourist visa for India. However, they are eligible for a Visitor Visa or other specific types, provided they meet the necessary criteria. Visa on arrival is not available for Pakistan nationals or persons of Pakistan origin, except for a single entry ‘VISA on arrival’ with 45 days validity, which may be granted to Pakistani citizens above the age of 65 years and crossing the Attari border ICP on foot, under exceptional circumstances.

Once the necessary clearance is received, the visa is processed, and passports are handed over to TCS Visatronics/Gerry’s International-Visa Drop Box. These designated agencies will then contact the visa applicants for the delivery of passports, completing the application process.

Several resources provide detailed information on the Indian visa application process for Pakistani citizens, including the official website of the High Commission of India in Pakistan, informative blogs, and government portals. Being well-informed about the process and requirements can significantly ease the application journey.

Understanding the Indian visa application process is vital for Pakistani citizens planning a visit to India. By adhering to the guidelines and requirements, travelers can ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience while exploring the diverse culture and heritage of India.









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