UK Rejoins EU’s £85 Billion Horizon Europe Programme, Boosting Scientific Collaborations Post-Brexit.

Deal Struck After Months of Negotiations Paves the Way for British Scientists and Businesses to Access Vital Research Funding.

In a significant development, the United Kingdom has rekindled its partnership with the European Union by striking a deal to rejoin the Horizon Europe programme, the world’s largest science research initiative with a budget of £85 billion.

The UK had departed from the Horizon Europe programme in January 2021 following the conclusion of the Brexit transition period. For two years, British scientists and businesses were unable to access the programme’s funds due to a dispute revolving around the EU’s new regulations on third-country participation. These rules required the UK to adhere to the EU’s state aid and level playing field regulations, which had been a point of contention.

The breakthrough came after months of meticulous negotiations and was officially announced on Thursday by the UK’s science minister, Amanda Solloway, and the EU’s research commissioner, Mariya Gabriel.

This agreement opens the doors for UK scientists and businesses to once again apply for grants from Horizon Europe and engage in collaborative research endeavors with their counterparts in the EU and beyond.

Under the terms of the deal, the United Kingdom is expected to contribute approximately £2 billion annually to the Horizon Europe programme. In addition to financial support, the UK will also have a say in the governance and strategic direction of the initiative, ensuring that British interests are represented.

The news of the UK’s return to Horizon Europe has been met with enthusiasm from the country’s scientific community. Scientists and experts had raised concerns that the UK’s absence from the programme could jeopardize its reputation and competitiveness in the field of research and innovation.

This reintegration into Horizon Europe not only secures vital funding for cutting-edge research but also fosters international collaboration, strengthening the UK’s position as a global leader in science and technology.

As the UK and the EU move forward with this landmark agreement, it signifies a renewed commitment to advancing scientific knowledge, addressing global challenges, and enhancing the prosperity of both parties through cooperation in research and innovation.

The return of the UK to the Horizon Europe programme underscores the importance of maintaining strong scientific ties in an increasingly interconnected world, where collaboration is essential in addressing the complex challenges of our time.





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