Survivor Recounts Terrifying Night at Israeli Music Festival Amid Coordinated Attack.

Gili Yoskovich’s Harrowing Tale of Survival Highlights the Impact of Violence on Peaceful Gatherings.

Gili Yoskovich found herself in the midst of chaos and terror as she attended a dance music festival in southern Israel, near the Gaza Strip, where gunmen opened fire during the early hours of a Saturday morning. As Palestinian militants launched a coordinated attack on Israel, festival-goers like Gili experienced a harrowing ordeal, with her remarkable story of survival shedding light on the disruptive impact of violence on peaceful gatherings.

Describing her ordeal to the BBC, Gili Yoskovich recounted how she sought refuge under a tree in a field as gunmen roamed the festival grounds, indiscriminately targeting anyone in their path. She vividly described the fear and uncertainty that gripped her during those harrowing moments.

“They were… all over the place with automatic weapons,” she said. “They were standing next to the cars starting to shoot, but I realized it was very easy to get killed… because everyone was going everywhere. The terrorists were coming from four or five places… so we didn’t know whether to go here. So then I got into my car again and I drove a little bit more. Some people were shooting at me. I left the car and started to run. I saw a place with many pomelo trees, and I went there. So I was in the middle [of this field], and I was lying on the floor. It was the second hiding place I found, and they were just all around me. They were going tree by tree and shooting. Everywhere. From two sides. I saw people were dying all around. I was very quiet. I didn’t cry, I didn’t do anything. But I was, on the one hand, breathing, saying: ‘OK, I’m going to die. It’s OK, just breathe, just close your eyes,’ because it was shooting everywhere, it was very very close to me.”

The attack occurred during a dance music festival, where festival-goers experienced mass panic as they fled and sought shelter in the bushes. The terrifying ordeal lasted for an agonizing three hours, during which no help arrived.

Gili Yoskovich remained hidden beneath the tree for those long hours, acutely aware of the danger surrounding her. She recalled hearing Hebrew from one side and Arabic from three others. Realizing that there were some soldiers nearby, she decided to approach them with her hands raised to signal that she was not a threat.

This shocking attack serves as a stark example of how violence can abruptly disrupt peace and harmony in society. Events meant to bring joy and unity can quickly turn into scenes of terror and chaos, leaving lasting scars on those who experience them.

Gili Yoskovich’s incredible survival story is a testament to human resilience and courage in the face of unimaginable adversity. Her determination to endure and emerge from such a traumatic experience reflects the strength of the human spirit.

As we reflect on this distressing incident, it becomes evident that coming together as a community is vital for the future of humanity. In moments of crisis, support, solidarity, and resilience become the cornerstones of our collective response to adversity.







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