Revolutionary Algorithm “Sea-thru” Transforms Underwater Photography by Removing Water.

In a groundbreaking development for marine photography and oceanography, Derya Akkaynak, a pioneering engineer and oceanographer, has unveiled an innovative algorithm known as “Sea-thru.” This physics-based color reconstruction algorithm has the remarkable ability to virtually “remove” water from underwater photographs, producing vivid and scientifically accurate images of the underwater world.

A Game-Changer for Underwater Photography: The Sea-thru algorithm, as reported in various sources, including and represents a transformative breakthrough in the field of underwater photography. Designed specifically for underwater RGB-D (color and depth) images, Sea-thru can correct color casts and backscatter caused by the water, resulting in visually stunning and scientifically precise images.

Unlike simple photo filters or enhancements, Sea-thru is a sophisticated process that demands depth information and calibration for each camera used. This intricate algorithm analyzes the interactions between light and water in every pixel of an image, allowing it to recreate the scene without the distorting effects of water. The results are not only visually captivating but also provide invaluable data for scientific research.

Sea-thru’s potential applications are extensive. Scientists and researchers can use this technology to study marine life and underwater environments more accurately. Marine photographers now have a tool at their disposal to capture the ocean’s true colors and beauty, unobstructed by water’s inherent distortions.

Derya Akkaynak, the brilliant mind behind Sea-thru, envisions a future where marine photographers and researchers can document and explore the underwater world with unprecedented precision. This technology promises to expand our understanding of marine ecosystems and inspire a new generation of ocean enthusiasts.

While Sea-thru has already made waves in the field, research and development are ongoing. Akkaynak and her team continue to refine the algorithm and explore its potential applications in marine biology, ecology, and conservation.

The introduction of the Sea-thru algorithm has forever changed the way we perceive and document underwater environments. Whether for scientific research or artistic expression, Sea-thru is set to redefine the boundaries of what is possible in underwater photography.





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