Rare Discovery: Alaska Fisherman Hooks Stunning Electric Blue Rock Greenling.

An Alaskan fisherman recently made an extraordinary catch, reeling in a fish with vibrant electric blue flesh that appears more at home in the tropics than the frigid waters of Alaska. This striking specimen is a Rock Greenling, a species that, despite its rather plain name, boasts a breathtakingly colorful surprise beneath the waves.

In a rare and visually stunning discovery, Joe Chmeleck, the proprietor of The Lodge at Otter Cove in Homer, Alaska, added an extraordinary chapter to his fishing adventures. Late last month, he hauled in a Rock Greenling, an unassuming name for a fish that could rival the most exotic tropical species. The world got a glimpse of this remarkable find through Chmeleck’s posts on Facebook and Instagram.

The Rock Greenling, on the surface, might appear like an ordinary marine fish found along the northern Pacific Coast. These ray-finned creatures are known for their dark scales, which often sport a “mottled” pattern to help them blend into their rocky coastal environments. However, the real showstopper lies beneath their unassuming exterior.

The fish boasts an electric blue flesh that defies expectations. Its scales are adorned with vibrant orange speckles, creating a striking contrast that left many social media users astounded. In a follow-up video shared on Facebook, Chmeleck showcased a culinary transformation that seemed almost magical: the blue fillets turned into a different hue altogether when pan-fried in oil.

The scientific explanation behind this stunning transformation lies in the fish’s unique biological makeup. Rock Greenlings produce biliverdin, a green bile pigment, which imparts a blue-green hue to their mouths and flesh. While the exact evolutionary reason for this phenomenon remains uncertain, it adds a touch of the unexpected to these coastal creatures.

It’s important to note that Rock Greenlings are not commonly consumed by humans, and they have posed a challenge for researchers. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has been unable to provide consumption advice for this species due to insufficient data on mercury levels.

Joe Chmeleck’s exceptional catch of a Rock Greenling with naturally blue flesh has added a vibrant splash of color to the world of marine biology. While the scientific mysteries surrounding the blue pigmentation remain, the dazzling appearance of this otherwise unassuming fish serves as a reminder of the remarkable diversity that hides beneath the ocean’s surface. Rock Greenlings, with their camouflage and electric blue surprises, continue to be a fascinating enigma along the northern Pacific Coast.





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