Pop Star Shakira Faces Second Tax Evasion Accusation in Spain, Trial Set for November.

Charges Stem From Alleged Failure to Pay 6.7 Million Euros in Taxes; Singer Denies Wrongdoing.

Renowned pop sensation Shakira is facing a second accusation of tax evasion in Spain, with authorities claiming she failed to pay 6.7 million euros in taxes in 2018. This marks the latest development in a legal saga that has already seen the pop star charged with tax fraud by the Spanish government in a separate case.

The accusations stem from an alleged failure to declare millions in advance payments related to her El Dorado World Tour and other income sources. The Barcelona prosecutors, who have been investigating the case, contend that Shakira’s tax obligations for the period of 2012-2014 amount to a staggering 14.5 million euros.

In response to the latest allegations, Shakira has opted to go to trial, with the proceedings scheduled for November in Barcelona. If found guilty of the charges, she could potentially face up to eight years in jail, although it’s essential to note that legal processes will determine the final outcome.

The 46-year-old pop sensation has consistently denied any wrongdoing and remains steadfast in her defense. The specific accusations include failing to pay 5.4 million euros in income tax, with the calculated amount owing totaling 6.0 million euros, considering accrued interest and voluntary payments.

Additionally, Shakira is also accused of defrauding the state of 773,600 euros in wealth tax, resulting in a debt of 625,190 euros. The allegations have stirred significant interest and debate regarding taxation in the entertainment industry and the responsibility of high-earning individuals to fulfill their tax obligations.

This is the second time that Shakira has found herself facing such charges in Spain, indicating the seriousness with which the authorities are pursuing the matter. The first investigation led to allegations that she failed to pay taxes on more than 14.5 million euros in earnings between 2012 and 2014.

The legal proceedings in both cases will undoubtedly attract widespread attention, not only for their potential impact on Shakira’s career but also for the broader implications regarding tax compliance in the entertainment world.





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