Peterborough Man Sentenced to 16 Months in Prison for Hurling Household Items at Police and Setting Fire to Flat.

Safin Mustafa’s destructive rampage led to his arrest and a stern rebuke from the judge.

A chaotic and dangerous incident unfolded on June 8, 2023, in Peterborough when Safin Mustafa, 30, unleashed havoc on a city street, throwing a washing machine, a sofa, and other household items at police officers from a window. Today, Mustafa has been sentenced to 16 months in prison for his destructive actions that put the safety of both the public and law enforcement at risk.

The shocking incident began at the Boroughbury Medical Centre, where Mustafa demanded to see a specific doctor but was informed that no appointments were available. In response, he became abusive and violent, smashing a fire extinguisher against a door and forcefully kicking an electric door off its hinges. Following this outburst, Mustafa fled to a flat on Lincoln Road, where he barricaded himself in and refused to cooperate with the police.

Over the course of four harrowing hours, Mustafa created a scene of chaos and destruction. He hurled various objects out of the window, endangering the lives of police and other emergency services staff who were attempting to de-escalate the situation below. Inside the flat, he inflicted significant damage to fixtures, fittings, and furniture, all while making threats to harm anyone who dared to enter.

The police’s diligent efforts eventually led to Mustafa’s arrest when they forcibly entered the property. Mustafa subsequently pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal damage, totaling more than £35,000 in damages, and one count of affray. His sentencing took place at Cambridge Crown Court on September 7, 2023, where he was handed a jail term of one year and four months.

The presiding judge did not mince words, emphasizing that Mustafa had abused the hospitality of the accommodation and services he had received and displayed flagrant disrespect and hostility towards public staff who were merely carrying out their duties.

PC Malachi Creedon, the officer who investigated the case, expressed his relief at the judge’s recognition of the severity of Mustafa’s offenses. He condemned Mustafa’s unacceptable and dangerous behavior, highlighting the challenging and risky situation that police officers and staff at the medical center had to face during the ordeal.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the risks and challenges that law enforcement and public servants can encounter while carrying out their duties. The sentence handed down to Mustafa underscores the serious consequences that such actions can entail.

Images to be included in the article:

  • A damaged electric door at the Boroughbury Medical Centre.
  • Safin Mustafa in custody following his arrest.
  • Police officers and emergency services responding to the incident on Lincoln Road.
  • The damaged flat on Lincoln Road where Mustafa had barricaded himself.
  • The wreckage caused by the thrown household items on the street below.





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