Microsoft Cracks Down on Unauthorized Third-Party Xbox Controllers and Accessories.

October 30, 2023

In a bid to combat online cheating and maintain control over its gaming ecosystem, Microsoft has taken a decisive step by implementing a policy to ban third-party Xbox controllers and accessories not part of the “designed for Xbox” hardware partner program. This move is set to go into effect on November 12, 2023, and players are already seeing warning messages displaying the date when their unauthorized accessories will be blocked, accompanied by “error 0x82d60002.”

The decision, as reported by various sources, has sparked mixed reactions within the gaming community, with some lauding it as a necessary measure to combat cheating, while others view it as a move to consolidate Microsoft’s market influence and potentially limit consumer choice.

The primary objective of this move appears to be countering the use of external devices that facilitate cheating in online gaming, a problem that has plagued the gaming community for years. By blocking “unauthorized” accessories, Microsoft aims to create a level playing field for all players and preserve the integrity of online gaming on Xbox consoles.

However, the ban also raises concerns about unintended consequences, as many communities rely on adapters and third-party accessories for legitimate purposes, such as accessibility or compatibility with older hardware. These users may find themselves adversely affected by the new policy.

It’s worth noting that controllers and accessories adorned with the “designed for Xbox” logo remain unaffected by this new policy, reassuring those who have invested in official products.

The exact motivation behind Microsoft’s decision remains somewhat unclear. While it’s clear that the ban is intended to tackle cheating and unauthorized hardware, there is speculation about whether Microsoft also intends to promote its official partner program, which could generate revenue for the company while ensuring a certain level of quality and compatibility.

As the November 12 deadline approaches, the gaming community eagerly awaits the impact of this significant move by Microsoft. Its effects on cheating prevention, consumer choice, and the third-party accessory market will likely become more apparent in the coming months.






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