Legend Of The Colour Black”: World’s Largest Black Diamond Showcased in London Jewelry Exhibition.

Celebrated Artist Wallace Chan’s Masterpieces on Display at Christie’s.

London, known for its rich cultural heritage, is set to dazzle with the grand unveiling of “Legend Of The Colour Black,” a magnificent black diamond shoulder brooch sculpture featuring one of the largest cut black diamonds in the world. This extraordinary creation is the brainchild of renowned Hong Kong-based artist Wallace Chan, and it takes center stage at a spectacular jewelry exhibition in London.

Titled “The Wheel Of Time,” this exhibition, hosted by the prestigious Christie’s, offers visitors a chance to witness over 80 exquisite works of art by Wallace Chan. These captivating pieces include necklaces, rings, earrings, and sculptures, collectively celebrating Chan’s illustrious 50-year career and his groundbreaking innovations in jewelry design and materials.

At the heart of this remarkable exhibition is “Legend Of The Colour Black,” a breathtaking brooch that features a dazzling 312.24-carat black diamond as its centerpiece. This gemstone, one of the largest of its kind in the world, showcases the unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship of Wallace Chan.

Chan, at 67 years of age, is globally recognized for his mastery of titanium, a lightweight yet durable metal. He skillfully employs this material to create intricate and vibrant designs that push the boundaries of conventional jewelry artistry. Moreover, he is celebrated for inventing the “Wallace Cut,” a carving technique that ingeniously creates an illusion of depth and movement within gemstones, captivating admirers worldwide.

“The Wheel Of Time” also showcases other masterpieces, including “The Joy Of Life” brooch, a resplendent butterfly composed of sapphires, diamonds, pearls, and titanium. “The Starry Night” necklace pays tribute to Vincent van Gogh’s iconic painting with its dazzling interpretation, and “The Immortal Peony” ring adds a touch of whimsy with a flower that gracefully opens and closes with the movement of the finger.

Art enthusiasts and jewelry aficionados can revel in this mesmerizing exhibition, which will be open to the public from September 15 to October 13 at Christie’s King Street gallery in London. The exhibition promises to be a visual feast, offering a rare opportunity to witness the fusion of art and craftsmanship in Wallace Chan’s creations, all under one roof.

As London embraces the allure of these stunning pieces, “The Wheel Of Time” exhibition is poised to become a milestone event in the world of jewelry, showcasing the timeless beauty and innovation that continue to define Wallace Chan’s extraordinary career.







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