“India Caught in the Crossfire: US and China Raise Concerns Over Policies”

India, a nation known for its fierce independence and diplomatic balance, finds itself in the spotlight as both the United States and China have raised concerns about its policies in recent years. These concerns reflect India’s complex positioning in a world where major powers are keen to court its favor while being wary of aligning too closely with either.

The United States, in a bid to safeguard the interests of its workers, has challenged India’s export promotion schemes at the World Trade Organization (WTO). The US asserts that these policies could potentially harm American workers, sparking a notable dispute. The European Union, Russia, China, Japan, and eight other countries have supported the US complaint, making this a matter of global significance.

China, on the other hand, has been critical of India’s policies, particularly in the context of the conflict in Manipur. Cheng Xizhong, a visiting professor at the Southwest University of Political Science and Law in China, has opined that Prime Minister Modi’s crackdown on religious and ethnic minorities in Manipur has exacerbated the situation, further adding to the complexities in India’s relations with its neighbors.

India’s foreign policy has long been characterized by its quest for independence, not wanting to become overly aligned with any single major power. While both the United States and China have courted India for various strategic interests, India has remained cautious in forging too close an alliance with either. This balancing act is an essential aspect of India’s global strategy.

India finds itself in the crossfire of global concerns as both the United States and China have raised apprehensions about its policies. Despite the courting of these two major powers, India remains staunchly independent and reluctant to become overly entangled in the complex geopolitics of the 21st century.







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