Historic Christie Clock Tower in Stirling Demolished Over Safety Concerns.

Iconic 117-year-old landmark removed to ensure public safety.

In a somber moment for the residents of Stirling, the iconic Christie Clock Tower, a cherished memorial that had graced the city’s skyline for 117 years, was demolished by the Stirling Council due to safety concerns. This decision came after structural engineers identified significant instability during a recent inspection, raising alarms about potential risks to the public and nearby buildings.

The clock tower, a symbol of Stirling’s rich history and heritage, was deemed unstable following a thorough assessment carried out just last week. Fearing the potential consequences of its instability, the council swiftly took action to ensure public safety.

The Stirling Council had initially attempted to address the issue by contracting specialists to remove the crown of the clock tower. Unfortunately, these efforts were thwarted by the tower’s precarious state, leading to the difficult decision to dismantle the structure entirely. The decision was made in consultation with Historic Environment Scotland to preserve the safety of the city’s residents and visitors.

The Christie Clock Tower, an integral part of Stirling’s architectural legacy, was erected in 1906 by local businessman John Christie as a heartfelt tribute to his late wife. Over the decades, it had become a beloved fixture, serving not only as a timekeeping device but also as a significant marker of the city’s identity.

The clock tower’s removal has left a void in the hearts of many, as it held a special place in the collective memory of Stirling’s residents. Its chimes had punctuated the city’s daily life for generations, and its elegant design was a testament to the craftsmanship of its era.

While the loss of the Christie Clock Tower is undoubtedly a moment of reflection, the Stirling Council’s decision to prioritize safety is commendable. The removal of the unstable structure ensures that no harm will come to those who live, work, and visit Stirling.

The legacy of the Christie Clock Tower will endure in the city’s archives and the memories of its people. As Stirling continues to evolve, it remains committed to preserving its heritage while prioritizing the safety and well-being of its community.





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