Gaza Internet Blackout Continues Amidst Intensified Israeli Operations.

Israeli Forces Expand Ground Operations as Communication Remains Severed in the Gaza Strip.

The Gaza Strip is currently under heavy bombardment by Israeli forces, with air attacks more intense than in previous evenings. As the conflict escalates, all internet and phone communications have been severed in the territory, leaving the people of Gaza cut off from the outside world.

The Palestinian Red Crescent has reported that they are unable to communicate with their teams in Gaza, and the situation is taking a toll on emergency services. The inability to contact the emergency 101 number due to the outage has added to the dire circumstances faced by Gaza’s residents.

Internet monitoring service Netblocks posted on social media to announce a “collapse in connectivity” in the Gaza Strip. This digital blackout has raised concerns about the flow of information and communication during a critical time.

Israel has confirmed that its forces are expanding ground operations in the Gaza Strip. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been escalating their operations over the past few days, and the situation took a dramatic turn when internet and phone services were severed after a barrage of airstrikes.

According to IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari, the ground operations are a continuation of the offensive carried out in recent days. Israel’s troops and tanks remain on the ground in Gaza as they engage in a major incursion aimed at countering the threat posed by Hamas.

Jawwal, a Palestinian telecommunications provider, has reported a “complete interruption of all communication and internet services with the Gaza Strip in light of the ongoing aggression.” This interruption has affected the last remaining international routes connecting Gaza to the outside world, further isolating the territory.

In a glimmer of hope, the cybersecurity monitoring group NetBlocks reported that internet connectivity in the Gaza Strip has been partially restored. Their observations are consistent with reports of users coming back online, and it indicates that connectivity is returning to levels similar to those tracked on Friday.

The situation in Gaza remains extremely precarious, with the people unable to communicate with the outside world during these tumultuous times. The ongoing conflict is causing tremendous suffering, and the blackout is compounding the challenges faced by the residents of Gaza.

As the situation continues to evolve, the world watches closely for developments and hopes for a resolution that can bring an end to the hostilities and restore connectivity for the people of Gaza.







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