Famed Psychic Uri Geller Predicts Imminent Alien Arrival and Earth-Shattering Revelation.

August 20, 2023 – Renowned psychic and illusionist Uri Geller has stirred a global sensation by boldly predicting that extraterrestrial beings will make their presence known on Earth in the year 2024. Geller claims that this revelation will mark the “biggest revelation in history,” forever altering humanity’s understanding of the universe.

Geller, whose fame has long been associated with his claims of supernatural abilities, asserts that his belief in the impending contact with aliens is rooted in personal experiences. He recounts witnessing an unidentified flying object (UFO) during his youth in Israel. Furthermore, he alleges to have visited secret NASA facilities where he purportedly saw stored alien bodies.

His prediction of a forthcoming encounter between humans and extraterrestrial entities is supported by his claim that he was told about the impending event by the very beings he encountered at these secret NASA bases. Geller believes that these advanced beings have been monitoring and interacting with humanity for an extended period, waiting for the right moment to reveal themselves.

While skepticism abounds, Geller’s predictions have garnered attention in both the mainstream and fringe communities. This revelation follows his prior assertion that scientists had discovered a significant energy source originating from space, hinting at the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence.






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