Extinction Rebellion Co-Founder Issues Dire Warning on Climate Crisis in New Video.

Roger Hallam Advocates Mass Civil Disobedience as Clare Farrell Addresses Press Criticism.

Extinction Rebellion (XR) co-founder Roger Hallam has issued a stark warning about the imminent climate crisis in a recently uploaded YouTube video titled “Hell is coming down the Road because you didn’t Act in Time.” In this video, Hallam criticizes governments and corporations for their inaction and insists that mass civil disobedience and non-violent direct action are the only means to avert a catastrophic future.

The video, released in October 2023, underscores the urgency of the climate crisis and the frustration of activists like Hallam, who believe that insufficient action has been taken to address the environmental emergency. Hallam’s call to action has resonated with many who are deeply concerned about the planet’s deteriorating state.

In response to press criticism following XR’s blockade of News Corp’s printing presses, Clare Farrell, another co-founder of XR, has defended the group’s actions. XR has been known for its disruptive protests aimed at drawing attention to the climate crisis and demanding more ambitious measures to combat it. Farrell’s co-editorship of XR’s handbook, “This Is Not A Drill,” reflects her commitment to educating the public about the urgent need for climate action.

The Guardian recently published an article that delves into the evolution of Extinction Rebellion and includes an interview with Gail Bradbrook, another co-founder of XR. This article sheds light on the group’s origins, its strategies for protesting amid the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, and its vision for a sustainable future.

As XR continues to advocate for climate action, it has faced both support and criticism from various quarters. The group’s efforts have ignited a global conversation about climate change and the role of civil disobedience in effecting change.

The urgency of addressing the climate crisis cannot be overstated, and XR’s co-founders are determined to keep it at the forefront of public consciousness. With their impassioned pleas for action, they are challenging governments, corporations, and individuals to prioritize the environment and make the necessary changes to ensure a sustainable future for all.






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