Dame Sue Carr Sworn in as First Female Lady Chief Justice in England and Wales.

Dame Sue Carr made history today as she was sworn in as the Lady Chief Justice of England and Wales, becoming the first woman to hold this prestigious position in the country’s legal history. The historic ceremony took place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on October 2, 2023, marking a significant milestone in the efforts to diversify the judiciary.

Lady Carr, at 59 years old, is now the 98th judge to assume the role of Lady Chief Justice, a position with immense responsibility. This appointment comes exactly a century after women first became barristers in England and Wales, highlighting the progress made in achieving gender equality in the legal profession.

One of Lady Carr’s inspirations for her career in law is the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a prominent figure in the United States Supreme Court. With this new appointment, she follows in the footsteps of trailblazing women like Ginsburg.

The Lady Chief Justice oversees approximately 400 legal duties, which include presiding over some of the most critical cases of the day. In addition to her judicial responsibilities, Lady Carr will play a pivotal role in providing training and guidance to other judges and representing the views of the entire judiciary to the government.

The significance of Lady Carr’s appointment was underscored by the fact that her swearing-in ceremony was streamed live, marking the first time such an event was broadcasted live. In attendance were hundreds of judges and leading lawyers who crowded into the Chief Justice’s personal courtroom to witness this historic moment as she took over the role from her retiring predecessor, Lord Burnett.

In her statement following the swearing-in ceremony, Lady Carr expressed her excitement and commitment to her new role, stating, “I look forward to approaching my role with energy, enthusiasm, and positivity.” She also acknowledged the challenges that lie ahead, demonstrating her awareness of the responsibilities and expectations associated with her position.






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