Controversy Arises as Unaccompanied Child Migrants Sent to Adult Prison in the UK.

Kent, UK – A disturbing practice has come to light as unaccompanied children who arrive in the UK via small boats are being sent to HMP Elmley, a category B/C prison in Kent primarily intended for adult men. This revelation has sparked outrage and concerns among legal experts, charities, and lawmakers, who view this practice as a grave violation of human rights and a potential risk to the safety and wellbeing of these vulnerable young individuals.

HMP Elmley, which currently houses around 1,252 inmates, including a significant number of sex offenders, is raising eyebrows due to its inclusion of unaccompanied children. These children, many of whom appear to be victims of trafficking, are placed in the prison’s foreign national unit, where they are isolated from other prisoners and have limited access to education and recreational activities.

What adds to the controversy is that these children are sent to the prison based on age assessments by immigration officials that are often disputed. Despite having no concrete evidence, these officials claim that these children are over 18 years old, a stance that has been met with skepticism and concern by legal experts and child rights advocates.

The situation has ignited a wave of condemnation from various quarters, with lawyers, charities, and Members of Parliament (MPs) asserting that this practice not only violates the rights of these vulnerable children but also endangers their safety and overall wellbeing. Critics argue that these children should be placed in appropriate facilities that prioritize their protection, education, and rehabilitation rather than exposing them to an adult prison environment.

As this issue gains attention, there are growing calls for a thorough review of the policy and practices surrounding the treatment of unaccompanied child migrants. Advocates stress the importance of a humane and child-centered approach that takes into consideration the unique needs and vulnerabilities of these children.

This alarming revelation sheds light on the complexities of handling unaccompanied child migrants and the urgent need for a comprehensive and compassionate response that ensures their safety, wellbeing, and access to their rights.








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