Celebrating 65 Years of Paddington Bear: Royal Mail Unveils Special Anniversary Stamps.

In a heartwarming tribute to a beloved literary character, the Royal Mail is set to release a collection of special stamps to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Paddington Bear. Created by Michael Bond in 1958, Paddington Bear has captured the hearts of generations with his endearing tales of adventure and his iconic duffle coat and hat. The release of these commemorative stamps marks a milestone in the enduring legacy of this charming bear.

The collection features ten distinct stamps, each portraying Paddington Bear in various scenes from his remarkable journeys. Among these stamps, six showcase illustrations by Ivor Wood, the animator behind the original TV series that aired in the 1970s. These illustrations bring to life the classic charm of Paddington’s earliest adventures. The remaining four stamps depict scenes from the more recent Paddington movies, which starred Ben Whishaw as the voice of the beloved bear. These stamps pay homage to the character’s modern cinematic presence, capturing his timeless appeal that transcends generations.

For enthusiasts of both the traditional and the contemporary, the collection offers a delightful blend of Paddington’s history. The stamps pay tribute to Ivor Wood’s artistry and the foundational impact of the TV series on popular culture. Simultaneously, they embrace the character’s evolving identity through his appearances in the modern film adaptations.

The stamps are not merely collectibles; they are a piece of Paddington’s world that enthusiasts can hold in their hands. Available for purchase online and at post offices across the UK starting from October 14th, the stamps are presented in a beautifully designed package. This presentation pack includes a booklet that delves into Paddington’s rich history, providing fascinating insights into his creation, adventures, and enduring popularity. Additionally, a map of Paddington’s beloved London locations is included, inviting fans to embark on their own Paddington-inspired explorations.

Paddington Bear’s impact on British literature and culture is immeasurable. With appearances in more than 20 books, multiple TV shows, a musical, and two successful films, he has ingrained himself in the hearts of millions. His stories have transcended language barriers, being translated into over 40 languages, and his heartwarming tales have sold more than 35 million copies worldwide.

The Royal Mail, in collaboration with creators and enthusiasts alike, has beautifully captured Paddington’s charm and humor in these stamps. David Gold, the Director of Public Affairs and Policy at Royal Mail, expressed the organization’s delight in celebrating Paddington’s anniversary. Gold stated, “Paddington Bear is a British icon, who has been loved by generations of children and adults alike. We hope that our customers will enjoy using these stamps as much as we enjoyed creating them.”

As the release of these special stamps draws near, anticipation grows among fans young and old. The stamps not only commemorate the legacy of a beloved bear but also invite individuals to reconnect with the heartwarming tales that have shaped their childhoods and continue to resonate with new generations.





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