Canal and Rivers Trust Implements Ban on E-Scooters from UK Canal Towpaths.

General Canal Bye-Laws invoked to address safety concerns amid rising towpath visitors.

United Kingdom – In a bid to enhance safety and preserve the tranquility of canal towpaths, the Canal and Rivers Trust (CRT) has issued a sweeping ban on the use of e-scooters along these picturesque routes. This prohibition, prompted by the General Canal Bye-Laws, comes as a response to the surge in popularity of these paths, which welcomed nearly 900 million visitors last year—a record high.

The CRT’s decision has been prompted by concerns over the increasing use of e-scooters on towpaths, which have led to heightened risks and raised questions about compatibility with other canal users. According to the General Canal Bye-Laws, only vehicles that have been granted permission by the CRT are allowed on these paths, prompting the outright ban on e-scooters.

E-scooters, while offering an environmentally friendly mode of transportation, have also presented challenges in shared spaces due to their speeds and maneuverability. The decision to prohibit their use on canal towpaths aligns with the CRT’s commitment to prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of all visitors.

The popularity of canal towpaths has soared, with nearly 900 million visitors recorded last year—an unprecedented number that underscores the need for careful management and consideration of the various users that frequent these areas. The CRT’s ban on e-scooters is a proactive step to ensure that the charm and serenity of these pathways remain intact while catering to the diverse needs of the visitors.

In tandem with the e-scooter ban, the CRT has introduced a comprehensive code of conduct for towpath users. This code emphasizes adhering to the left side of the path, maintaining moderate speeds, and displaying courtesy towards fellow users. The code aims to foster a harmonious environment where pedestrians, cyclists, and others can coexist safely and respectfully.

The new regulations underline the CRT’s commitment to strike a balance between modern transportation trends and preserving the historical and natural heritage of canal towpaths. By championing safety and responsible behavior, the CRT is ensuring that these iconic routes remain inviting and accessible to a wide range of individuals.

As the CRT enforces these changes, it is expected that visitors will cooperate to uphold the integrity of these shared spaces. Canal towpaths are cherished for their beauty and historical significance, and the CRT’s measures reflect their dedication to safeguarding these qualities for generations to come.

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