British Volunteer Samuel Newey, Aged 22, Loses Life While Fighting for Ukraine’s Sovereignty.

Tragedy struck as 22-year-old British volunteer, Samuel Newey, lost his life while fighting in eastern Ukraine. The devastating news was confirmed by his family, who described him as a student from Solihull near Birmingham, with no prior military experience.

Samuel Newey embarked on his mission in February 2022, just before his 21st birthday, when he decided to join a foreign volunteer unit known as the Dark Angels. Comprising fighters from various nations, including the UK, France, Spain, and Poland, this unit stood in solidarity with Kyiv against Russian-backed separatists.

His ultimate sacrifice occurred when he was struck by a Russian mortar near the conflict-ridden town of Avdiivka, a hotspot in a conflict that has claimed more than 14,000 lives since its inception.

Friends and family attest that Samuel’s unwavering motivation stemmed from a profound sense of justice and a heartfelt desire to assist the Ukrainian people in defending their sovereignty and democracy. His keen interest in history and politics, coupled with his prior studies of the Russian language, further fueled his commitment.

Samuel’s brother, Daniel Newey, hailed him as a hero who had lived and died for a cause he believed in. He emphasized Samuel’s adventurous and independent spirit and expressed support for his decision to contribute to Ukraine’s struggle.

Close friend Tomasz Orynski described Samuel as a brave and compassionate individual who aimed to make a meaningful difference. Samuel had diligently learned the Ukrainian language and seamlessly integrated into the local community. His intention was to return to the UK shortly and resume his studies.

The news of Samuel Newey’s untimely demise has prompted an outpouring of tributes from his family, friends, fellow fighters, and the Ukrainian community. His courage and selflessness have been acknowledged, and condolences and solidarity have been offered from various quarters.

The British Foreign Office has stated that it is aware of Samuel’s death and is extending consular assistance to his family. The office reaffirmed its support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and called for a peaceful resolution to the ongoing conflict.

However, Samuel’s death has raised complex questions concerning the legal and moral aspects of foreign volunteers engaging in the Ukrainian conflict. The UK government has advised its citizens against traveling to the conflict zone and has disassociated itself from endorsing or supporting any armed groups there.








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