Brighton Cat Killer Dies of Covid-19 in Prison on His Birthday.

Steven Bouquet, Convicted of Cat Stabbings, Succumbs to Covid-19 and Lung Cancer

Brighton, UK – In a twist of fate, Steven Bouquet, the man who garnered infamy for killing and injuring several cats in Brighton, has died of Covid-19 on his birthday while serving his prison sentence. An inquest into his death revealed that he passed away due to natural causes, unrelated to his incarceration or his heinous crimes.

Steven Bouquet, a 55-year-old former security guard and Royal Navy veteran, was convicted in July 2021 for a string of disturbing attacks on cats in Brighton. Between October 2018 and June 2019, Bouquet stabbed 16 cats with a knife, resulting in the deaths of nine felines and the survival of seven others.

Despite denying the charges and failing to provide a motive for his actions, Bouquet was found guilty by a jury. The case garnered widespread attention and provoked outrage among animal lovers and residents of Brighton.

Bouquet was serving a five-year and three-month sentence at HMP Elmley in Kent when he contracted Covid-19 in December 2021. His health took a critical turn when he was also diagnosed with lung cancer. Subsequently, he was transferred to Medway Maritime Hospital, where he passed away on January 5, 2022, which happened to be his birthday.

Following an inquest into his death, the coroner determined that Steven Bouquet’s demise was due to natural causes, specifically Covid-19 and lung cancer. The ruling clarified that his death was not linked to his time in prison or the crimes he committed.

The cat owners who had endured the pain of losing their beloved pets expressed a mixture of grief and anger at Bouquet’s actions. While his conviction had brought them some closure, his death brought a sense of relief to many.







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