Body of Missing Former Paratrooper Daniel Burke Found in Ukraine.

Family Receives Heartbreaking News as Daniel Burke’s Remains Are Recovered
Tragic news has emerged as the body of Daniel Burke, a former paratrooper who went missing while fighting in Ukraine, has been discovered, according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP). The 36-year-old, hailing from Wythenshawe, Manchester, was reported missing by his family on August 16, 2023, after he had bravely ventured to the front line in Ukraine.
The Ukrainian authorities played a pivotal role in the recovery of Daniel Burke’s remains. His family confirmed that his body was found in Zaporizhzhia, located approximately 44 kilometers (27 miles) from the front line. The devastating news comes as a heart-wrenching blow to his loved ones, especially his mother, Diane Sniath, who expressed, “this is the moment I have been dreading.”
Daniel Burke’s journey had been marked by bravery and a commitment to fighting for what he believed in. He had previously spent time in prison after traveling to Syria to join Kurdish militia forces in their fight against the Islamic State group. All charges against him were dropped in 2020.
Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has been working closely with Mr. Burke’s family and the Ukrainian authorities to facilitate the identification of Daniel and to make arrangements for his return home. This challenging process underscores the complexities faced by families of individuals involved in overseas conflicts.

The last known contact with Daniel Burke was on August 6, when he had expressed his intentions to join a Ukrainian army unit in the fight against Russian forces. His prior service in the Parachute Regiment between 2007 and 2009 highlighted his dedication to military service.
Regrettably, Daniel Burke’s fate is not an isolated incident. Other British nationals have tragically lost their lives while fighting in Ukraine. Samuel Newey, who fought alongside Ukrainian forces in the eastern part of the country, was among them. Additionally, in June, former Scots Guard Jordan Chadwick, 32, was found dead with his hands tied behind his back in Ukraine.
The discovery of Daniel Burke’s body in Ukraine is a somber reminder of the challenges faced by individuals who choose to become involved in overseas conflicts. It serves as a poignant moment for reflection on the sacrifices made by those who dedicate themselves to such causes.








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