Annie Macmanus Testifies Before Commons Committee: “Tidal Wave” of Sexual Abuse Cases in Music Industry.

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Urges Change, Highlights Fear of Career Repercussions.

Annie Macmanus, the former BBC Radio 1 DJ and prominent figure in the music industry, has delivered a compelling testimony before the House of Commons committee, shedding light on the pervasive issue of sexual abuse within the music business. Her impassioned account underscores the urgent need for a cultural shift, enabling women to speak out without fear of career repercussions.

Macmanus’s testimony reveals a disturbing reality within the music industry—a “tidal wave” of sexual abuse cases that have yet to come to light. She characterized the number of untold stories as “unbelievable” and emphasized that the industry often operates as a “boys’ club,” systematically underestimating and undermining women.

The former DJ highlighted the genuine fear that many women in the music business harbor when considering speaking out about misconduct or abuses of power. This climate of fear has perpetuated a culture of silence, allowing abuses to persist unchecked.

During her testimony, Macmanus shared stories she had gathered from female agents, managers, producers, photographers, artists, and fellow DJs. She recounted a distressing example where an artist went to a pub with a record label executive who repeatedly discouraged her from returning home. Tragically, the evening culminated in a sexual assault in a public street. Macmanus stressed that many women had expressed a “general sense of feeling unsafe” in male-dominated venues.

The Women and Equalities Committee is actively conducting an inquiry into misogyny in the music industry, with Macmanus and singer Rebecca Ferguson providing crucial evidence. Ferguson echoed Macmanus’s sentiments, emphasizing that “misogyny in music is the tip of the iceberg” of the issues lurking behind the scenes.

Macmanus’s testimony underscores the imperative for a significant shift in the industry, allowing women to speak out without compromising their careers. She believes that if a high-profile figure were to come forward, drawing media attention, it could lead to a “tidal wave” of revelations. She lamented the frustration of so many women whose stories of sexual assault have been buried and carried in silence.

It is clear that the music industry must confront its deeply ingrained issues of misogyny and abuse of power. Macmanus’s courageous testimony serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring a collective call to action within the industry and society at large.






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